Ministry of Angels

“And he said unto me, The Lord, before whom I walk, will send His angel with thee, and prosper thy way.”….

Genesis 24:40…..

I think it’s enlightening that Abraham said this about the angel prospering his servant’s way. I tells me he knew something about the ministry of angels. He believed they would get involved in our natural lives. Perhaps you’ve only thought about them getting involved in your spiritual life. Maybe you’ve only thought about them protecting you from harm.

Well, this scripture broadens our thinking about the ministry of angels. Abraham was talking about the angel helping his servant find his son Isaac a wife. Have you ever thought about an angel helping you find a mate? They could probably do a better job at it than you or I could! My point is that if they will help in an area like this, how many other areas will they help us in?

When you study the scriptures it’s apparent that the ministry of angels is part of our covenant inheritance. Always remember that as a child of God you have supernatural help!