Praise as a weapon!

“Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have ordained strength, because of your enemies, that You may silence the enemy and the avenger.”        ~   Psalm 8:1  NKJV                    

Have you ever thought of praise as a weapon?  This scripture in Psalm 8 where it says, “You have ordained strength”, Jesus quoted it in Matthew 21:16 as, “You have perfected praise.”  He was showing us that this strength that comes out of the mouth is perfected praise.  The word perfected means, “to put in it”s proper place”.

The proper place of praise is not for people, places or things, but praising the Lord.  When we praise properly we actually release strength against our enemy.  It’s one way we silence and stop the enemy’s maneuvers against us.  Think about the difficulty you are facing right now and release the power of praise over that situation.  Let the strength of praise be a weapon for you against your enemy!