God will always keep His Word!

“And Jehovah saith unto me, ‘Thou hast well seen: for I am watching over My Word to do it.’ “

Jeremiah 1:12 YLT….

Did you know that God’s Word is His integrity? God will ALWAYS keep His Word! Integrity is a word that doesn’t mean much in today’s society. It seems that a lot of people don’t care that much about integrity. They don’t let integrity lead them. Integrity however is a big thing with God! God will ALWAYS keep His Word. His Word is settled forever in heaven.

Whenever we stand on His Word and believe for it to come to pass in our lives we can always count on God to do His part. He never breaks His Word to us. Jesus said that heaven and earth would pass away before his Words did. If the Word isn’t coming to pass in our lives the problem is not with God, it’s with us.

There are usually four reasons why the Word isn’t coming to pass in someone’s life. 1) They didn’t believe it. You have to check your heart and see if you are really believing it. If not, meditate the promise until it becomes a reality to you. 2) They’re not saying it. It’s not enough just to believe, we must also say it. Make sure you’re not mingling your seed. Confessing the promise one time, then confessing the problem another. 3) They’re trying to believe for something that’s not promised them. Make sure what you’re believing for is solidly based on the Word of God. 4) There’s unforgiveness or strife in their life. Unforgiveness and strife will stop the power of the Word from working in your life.

Be sure and check these four areas. Remember, God ALWAYS keeps His Word!